The Film

Uncle Andy is a documentary film about the iconic artist Andy Warhol, told by his immediate family, the Warholas. The filmmakers are Abby Warhola (Andy’s great-niece) and Jesse Best. This unique film captures stories told by Paul Warhola (Andy’s oldest brother) along with the many nieces and nephews that grew up around the famous pop artist. The family’s memories reveal an intimate side of Warhol, far removed from the counter culture of the infamous ‘Silver Factory’ scene. Warhol’s eccentric working-class family who were like flies on the wall witnessing how their Uncle Andy transformed himself into the most important artist of the late 20th century. With co-director, Abby Warhola being a member of the Warhola family, the team has been given unprecedented access to the family’s stories, photos and art. The two filmmakers have been documenting Abby’s family for the past several years and have captured numerous hours of footage.  It was not until Abby’s grandfather (Paul Warhola) passed away at the age of 91, when his footage became finite, that they decided to move forward with the project and create a feature length documentary.

The Filmmakers


Abby Warhola


Abby Warhola is Andy Warhol's great-niece and the granddaughter of artist Paul Warhola. An accomplished photographer, filmmaker, and designer, much like her Uncle Andy. Abby is often found backstage photographing and filming the biggest names in the Fashion industry.

Jesse Best


Jesse Best is an award-winning visual artist, whose highly sought-after, mixed media paintings and three-dimensional wall sculptures have been exhibited across the country. Also a filmmaker for 15 years, he focuses on documentary and lifestyle short films using 16mm and super 8 formats.

"If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There’s nothing behind it."



It should be first mentioned, though we are part of Warhol’s Family we have no connection to Warhol’s Estate nor the Warhol Foundation and Warhol Museum. Our family remains as blue collar as most but with the unusual happenstance that an incredibly talented artist emerged from its brood. This film project is a loving attempt to preserve these precious memories. So far we have financed this endeavor with our own money and energy. We’ve now reached a point of needing additional financial help.

We have set out to raise $175,000 to cover all production and post-production expenses.  In line with guidelines, the project has a set number of days to raise all the funds, or we receive nothing.  The campaign will have 31 days to reach our goal and move forward in creating this story about Andy Warhol and his unique family background. Rewards for contributing to the campaign include the opportunity to visit the childhood home of Andy Warhol for a traditional Carpatho-Rusyn dinner with his family, T-shirts, signed limited edition prints and original Warhola family art.

Your support will help transform this project into a feature length film. Kickstarter is the ideal format for keeping it an independent, family-produced film. We think Andy would have loved Kickstarter and used it for many of his own projects.

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